apple carplay in richmond kentucky

Apple CarPlay at Richmond Car and Truck Center

Having our phones on us is now just a way of life.  Luckily many car manufactures are including a way to fully integrate our phones into our vehicles and stay connected wherever you go.  


At Richmond Car and Truck Center we love the vehicles we carry and one of the best new technology's that's making a splash in the automotive industry is Apple CarPlay.  What is Apple CarPlay you ask?  Let's just dive right in!


 What is Apple CarPlay?  Apple Carplay is a way to fully integrate an iPhone into our vehicles built-in display.  Once connected you can make calls, send and receive texts and listen to music.  You can do all of this in a way that you can stay focused on the road and not looking at your phone.  


Current Inventory with Apple CarPlay


How To Activate Apple CarPlay?  Apple CarPlay can be accessed by a few different ways.  The first and easiest is by using the voice activated control Siri.  Just press and hold the voice activation button on the steering wheel to activate Siri voice controls.  If your vehicle has a touchscreen display you can also use it to access the options on your phone just like you where actually using the touchscreen display on your phone.  Apple CarPlay also works with the knobs, buttons and dials on your Apple CarPlay vehicle.  


New to IOS 12 is full support for Google Maps into your Apple CarPlay touchscreen display.  Now you have all of the features or Google Maps without looking down at your phone.  


There are also a bunch of apps that can now be used with Apple CarPlay like NPR One, WAZE, Pandora, Podcast, Audio Books and so much more.  


If you don't see the Apple CarPlay ready vehicle you're looking for just reach out and let us know.  There is a chance it could be on its way or we can get it for you.  Just let us know via this handy link right here!


Now let's take a quick look as Jeff Dray takes us on a quick demo of Apple CarPlay in action right here at Richmond Car and Truck Center.