What Our Hashtags Mean to Us

So Tell Me About Those Hashtags You Guys Use

If you've been around Richmond Car and Truck Center you've probably seen the hashtags #makingfriends, #makingadifference and #sellingcars.  Have you ever wondered exactly what we mean when we use them? Let's dive a little bit deeper into why we use them and what they mean to us.

We're not here to just sell you a car and then never see you again.  We want to build a lasting relationship that lasts for years….not just during a car deal.  Our hope is that friendship continues on for you, your friends and your family.  

At Richmond Car and Truck Center we fully believe in servant leadership.  That's why you'll find us at great events like Tracks For Packs, Officer Ellis Memorial 5K and our sponsorship for Price of Peace School for Girls.  Speaking of sponsorship, have you been to a Madison Central High School basketball or football game? If so then chances are you've seen our custom branded water bottles.  We provide water bottles to Madison Central Athletics so that they may sell them and raise money for their different sports programs.

Of course we're going to sell cars.  It's just what we do and we do very well.  It doesn't matter if you're looking for a car, truck or SUV chances are that we've got exactly what you want.  And if not then we'll go out and find it for you.

At Richmond Car and Truck Center we love what we do and will continue to live by those 3 hashtags:  #makingfriends #makingadifference #sellingcars