7-day exchange & limited warranty coverage

7-day exchange & limited warranty coverage

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase within 7 days and/or 700 miles, we will exchange your vehicle. No questions asked. Our goal is to provide you with a car purchasing experience you can count on!

7-day exchange requirements

You MUST qualify for the necessary financing on the replacement vehicle.

The full amount of the original purchase price will be applied towards the new vehicle with no cash back.

Warranties may transfer, if applicable.

If a trade was a part of the first purchase, the value of the trade will be moved to the second purchase.

Exchange must be completed at the dealership.

Incentives are non-transferable.

The vehicle must have no more than 700 miles added from time of purchase and be in the same condition as when sold. Requests to exchange MUST be completed in writing.

The time of exchange must happen within five business days of purchase. There is NO cash value and a limit of one exchange per customer per year.

Excludes any cars under $10k Sales price.

3-month/3,000-mile assured vehicle protection

Limited Warranty coverage applies for Breakdowns to the Covered Parts listed below and related labor, provided they are not covered by insurance or the manufacturer’s warranty. Taxes and fluids needed for authorized repairs are also included. Only those parts stated below are covered by this Limited Warranty.

Engine –All internally lubricated parts; engine block; cylinder head(s); harmonic balancer; intake and exhaust manifolds; mounts; oil pan; factory installed supercharger or turbo-charger; timing belt/chain and tensioner; timing chain cover; valve cover(s); water pump.

Transmission – All internally lubricated parts within the transmission; cooler and cooler lines (metal); mounts; throttle valve cable; torque converter; flywheel/flex plate; transmission and transfer case housing; oil pan; vacuum modulator; external and internal control units

Drive System – All internally lubricated parts within the drive/transaxle assembly, including axles and axle bearings; constant velocity joints and boots; drive axle housings; differential cover; hub bearings; front hub locking assemblies; drive shaft and drive support; universal joints.

What to do if you have a breakdown: Use all reasonable means to protect the vehicle from further damage. This may require you to stop the vehicle, turn off the engine, and have the vehicle towed if necessary. If the breakdown occurs within 100 miles of the issuing dealership, contact the issuing dealership and deliver the vehicle at your expense to the issuing dealership or to the location designated by the issuing dealership. Before any repair is made at a repair facility other than the issuing dealership, a repair authorization number must be obtained from the Servicing Agent, Assured Vehicle Protection, Inc., by calling (877) 428-7252, with an estimate of repairs.

Warranty holder obligations: The Warranty Holder is responsible for paying a $100 deductible for each visit to the Repair Facility. The Warranty Holder is responsible for authorizing any tear-down or diagnosis time needed to determine if the vehicle has a covered Breakdown. If it is subsequently determined that the Breakdown is covered under the terms of this Limited Warranty, then the Servicing Agent will pay the reasonable and customary cost for such tear-down or diagnosis. If the failure is not a covered Breakdown, then the Warranty Holder is responsible for payment of such tear-down or diagnosis, as well as any repairs that are not covered.

Definitions: “Breakdown” means the failure of any Covered Part to perform the function for which it was designed, due solely to defects in materials or faulty workmanship of a Covered Part and which is not the result of a Breakdown or a noncovered part. Please refer to the wording under exclusions for a listing of conditions under which the failure of a Covered Part is not considered a Breakdown. “Warranty Holder” means vehicle buyer/warranty holder as shown on the face of this Limited Warranty. “Covered Part” means any part of the vehicle listed under the section of this Limited Warranty entitled What Is Covered and not excluded from any coverage as per the section of this Limited Warranty entitled Exclusions – What This Limited Warranty Does Not Cover. “Repair Facility” means the issuing dealership if the failure occurs within 100 miles of the issuing dealership or, if outside the 100-mile range, any qualified automotive repair facility at which the Warranty Holder seeks to acquire service under this Limited Warranty. “Administrator” means United Service Contract Administrative Company, Inc. “Servicing Agent” means Assured Vehicle Protection, Inc. acting on behalf of the Administrator. “Issuing Dealer” means the Dealership that sold the Covered Vehicle and issued the Limited Warranty.

Exclusions: This Limited Warranty excludes the repair of Engine Valves, Piston Rings, Cylinder Head, and Engine Block to correct either low compression or oil consumption due to wear. A Breakdown caused by foreign objects, sludge buildup, rust, corrosion, contamination of or lack of proper fuels, fluids, coolants, or lubricants, including a Breakdown caused by a failure to replace seals or gaskets in a timely manner. Repair of any parts during a covered repair that are not necessary to the completion of the covered repair or were not damaged by the failure of a Covered Part, including engineering upgrades. A Breakdown or condition that existed prior to purchase of the vehicle. A Breakdown due to misuse, alteration, abuse, negligence, or lack of proper maintenance or breakdowns caused by improper servicing or improper repairs. Any cost covered by a repair’s or supplier’s guarantee, or any cost that would normally be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Cost or other damages caused by the failure of a part not listed as a Covered part. Costs or other damages caused by continued vehicle operation after the failure of a Covered Part. Any liability, cost, or damages Warranty Holder may incur to any third parties other than the Servicing Agent’s approved repair or replacement of Covered Parts. A Breakdown caused by freezing or overheating due to any cause, including resultant engine damage from overheating due to water pump failure. A Breakdown caused by collision, impact, fire, electrical fire or meltdown, theft, vandalism, flood, water, riot, civil commotion, explosion, lightning, falling missiles or objects, or any hazard insurable under standard physical damage insurance policies whether or not such insurance is in force with respect to the vehicle. Loss of use, loss of time, loss of profits or savings, inconvenience, commercial loss, or other incidental or consequential damages or loss that results from a Breakdown. Liability for damage to property, or for injury to or death of any person arising out of the operation, maintenance, or use of the vehicle whether or not related to a Breakdown. Any costs or other benefit for which the manufacturer has announced its responsibility through any means, including public recalls or factory service bulletins. Any part not covered by or excluded by the original vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. A gradual reduction in operating performance due to normal wear and tear, such as engine valves and guides, piston rings, transmission clutch packs, discs, and bands. Seals and gaskets are not covered unless required in the repair of a Covered Part. Shop supplies, storage charges, hazardous waste disposal, freight and/or delivery charges. Vehicles that have been modified which affect the Breakdown. Commercial use vehicles, or if used for rental, livery, delivery, snowplowing, towing, as an emergency vehicle, taxi, for racing or other competition. Incidental or consequential damage or loss caused by Breakdown of Covered Parts (or otherwise), including property damage, personal injury, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use, and commercial loss. Punitive damages are alsoo expressly excluded. Repairs covered by any original manufacturer’s warranty, both basic and powertrain (whether or not transferred with the vehicle). For a Breakdown that does not occur during or is not reported to the Servicing Agent or Administrator within the term of the Limited Warranty. The Issuing Dealer and the Administrator reserve the right to cancel this Limited Warranty and will not pay for a Breakdown if the odometer fails or for any reason does not record the actual mileage of the vehicle after the purchase date so that the actual mileage of the vehicle cannot be established. Minor loss of fluid and seepage is considered normal and is not a covered repair.

Thank you for letting us help you with your vehicle purchase! We look forward to all future transactions with you.

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