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Closed. Opens Wednesday at 8:30 AM
Closed. Opens Wednesday at 8:30 AM
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Trade-in your car near Richmond, KY

Your trade-in is worth more at Richmond Car and Truck Center

You’ll save on Kentucky sales tax on the purchase of your new car when you trade-in your old vehicle.

A trade-in vehicle acts as a large down payment and that can open up more lending options for you.

Still paying on your old car loan? We’re happy to take it in as a trade-in and get you into a nicer, newer vehicle.

There’s no delay! Your trade-in vehicle immediately turns into a down payment for your new car.

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Avoid the headaches of a private sale

For sale by owner isn’t always the best option. Consider this:

Still paying on your current car loan? You’ll have to come up with the cash to close it out before you can sell.

Do you have a high mileage or “junky” car? It’s unlikely you’ll find a private buyer willing to pay more than we do with our instant cash offers.

Even if you do everything right, there’s still no guarantee you’ll get the price you were hoping for.

No one knows how long it’s going to take to sell your old car. Days? Weeks? Longer? Meanwhile you’re still responsible for any car loan or insurance payments.

You’ll give up the sales tax savings you could have gotten by trading in your vehicle at a dealership in Kentucky.

You’ll have to take care of any lien release, title transfer, or other paperwork on your own and that could mean several trips to the local DMV.

Planning to use the money from selling your old car to fund your new car? Now you have to wait to sell before you can even start shopping.

If you want to get top dollar for your old car, you’ll have to repair and detail it and that takes time and money.

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