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Get pre-qualified for a car loan

Your credit score determines how much money lenders are willing to loan you. When you know that number, you'll see exactly how much car you can afford. Depending on your score, you might even be able to upgrade to that dream car. The pre-qualification process does not affect your credit score.

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It pays to know

Your credit score determines your loan amount, rate, and monthly payment. It unlocks more options and better deals. Use our form to get your credit score range ASAP.

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Don't waste money paying for a full credit report just to see your credit score range. Just fill out the form above and we'll get it to you for free.

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Get your credit score range now and you'll be ready to shop smart for that new car, truck, or SUV.

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Knowing your credit score range allows you to know your interest rate and calculate your monthly payment.

Stay in budget

Find out your credit score range now and save time by shopping for only the cars with the monthly payment that will fit your budget.