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Tips for Buying a Used Car

Is it time for you to buy a new car? If your current ride is causing you stress or costing a great amount at the mechanics, or if you’re ready for a change of pace—the answer is yes. If you’re in the used car market, the buying process can seem daunting when starting out. The used car market is always changing and it can be hard to know what information to trust. But you can break away from that fear by preparing yourself by first figuring out exactly what you want, knowing what your finances will permit, and following through by protecting your investment. With the team at Richmond Car and Truck Center, you’ll be buying a used car with confidence in no time.

5 Benefits of Trading In Your Used Vehicle at Richmond Car and Truck

  1. Good communication: Reputable dealerships will answer questions and provide information freely. No question is too small or too complex and answers should be equally as detailed and understandable. Trustworthy dealerships will also provide all relevant information on a car including a full car history.
  2. A range of cars on the lot: The best place to buy a new used car should have a wide selection of reliable models to choose from. High-quality inventory is a good sign that the car you might by from that dealership is also going to be in good working order.
  3. No pressure: Car buying used to be a pressure-filled haggle session, with both sides fronting to get themselves the best deal. But that’s not the way most modern consumers like to purchase a car, nor is that pressure necessary to do good business. So if you are shopping for a used car and feeling all sorts of pressure by the salesmen, it’s not a good sign that you’re in the best place to buy a used car; go elsewhere.

Know What You Want

The best confidence comes from knowledge, and when buying a used car that’s especially true. You want to be sure that you know both what kind of car you want and have a good picture of physical specifications of that car and cars like it. So, spend time early in your car shopping process browsing through different car models to find the design or feature that best suits your driving needs and personal style. Richmond Car and Truck offers an extensive online inventory of used cars that you can shop from the convenience of your own home with a helpful online chat function to answer any questions. Once you’ve found the makes and models you want to view, consulting the Kelley Blue Book or other respected vehicle valuation company will let you know the industry value. Now, when approaching a dealership, you’ll be armed with precise knowledge of what you want and what it’s worth so you can buy a used car with confidence.

Know What You Can Afford

Just as you’ll want to know exactly what you want car wise; you’ll also want to know exactly what you can financially afford. Take advantage of online tools like car loan calculators to determine if monthly payments would be within your budget. Check out your credit score range so you’ll know what kind of loan you’ll qualify for. And when ready, get a loan pre-approval so that when you enter the car buying space, you’ll be armed with concrete knowledge about your total budget and what you can afford.

Protect Your Choices

You did your research, you found the used car you want, and now you’re ready to purchase. The last step in buying a used car with confidence is making sure that your new purchase is protected. Look for used car dealerships that offer a warranty or a return/exchange policy that guarantees you’ll be satisfied with your purchase, or you’ll have options for rectification. The Richmond Car and Truck Center offers a generous 7 day and/or 700-mile warranty that allows buyers to exchange a vehicle with no questions asked if they are unsatisfied with their purchase.

If buying a used car or just looking for a used car in the Richmond area visit the lot at Richmond Car and Truck Center where you can shop or browse with ease with their no-pressure sales staff. Contact Richmond Car and Truck Center online, via phone (866) 238-1402, or stop by the conveniently located dealership near Richmond, KY. Richmond Car and Truck Center serves Richmond, Berea, Lexington, Georgetown, Nicholasville, Winchester, and Irvine, KY.